Insurance recommended

  • All-Risk
  • Medical
  • Personal Liability
  • Loss of, or damage to trophies


  • SA has no national health care program. Public Hospitals are overcrowded and understaffed. Private Hospitals are very expensive and insurance should be purchased. Zululand and the Lowveld concessions areas are malaria-risk areas. Consult your GP for specific prophylactics if you will be hunting in those areas. Even in winter sunburn is a threat. Use a quality sunscreen with a protection of at least 15.
  • Immunization against hepatitis is advised for hunters of advance age, but consult your GP.
  • Due to winter frost, bugs don’t pose a problem. Sightings of snakes are extremely rare.


  • All documentation must be completed in black ink
  • It is advised that you bring extra sets of Photostat copies of all documents
  • All visitors to SA need a valid passport with more than 6months before expiry date
  • It should have at least 2 open pages, with the back of the last page not counted
  • Only visitors entering from a regognised yellow-fever area needs vaccination certificates
  • Confirm with your relevant embassy if a visa is required

Guns & Hunting Documentation

At your port of entry you will be issued with a temporary import permit for your guns and ammunition.

Please note the following rules regarding the temporary importation of firearms:

  1. Only one rifle of a caliber per person.
  2. No semi-or full automatic weapons.
  3. Only one handgun for hunting purposes.
  4. Not more than 200 bullets per caliber.
  5. You have to be 21 to import a gun. Guns to be used by minors must be imported under an accompanying adult’s name unless specific application is made well in advance of your safari. Rule 1will still apply.

The purpose of the new legislation is to ensure that the gun is legally imported by its rightfull owner, that it will be legitimally used and that it leaves the country at your departure.

Please note that you can now at a fee, apply for the documentation in advanced.

To speed up your entry into SA you will need the following documentation:

  • Proof of ownership of your guns
  • A US Customs declaration that you were exporting the gun legally
  • An official invitation from Sandveld Safari that we will send you well in advance of your arrival date
  • Before departure, CITES 1 permits have to be obtained by the hunter if CITES I trophies are to be hunted
  • All other permits and licences are supplied by Sandveld Safari
  • The “dipping and shipping” agent will contact you regarding your trophies after you hunt


When considering equipment, bear in mind that sometimes it has to be carried over long distances.

The following should see you through:

  • Camera with spare batteries and lots of film
  • Video camera with extra film and batteries
  • Electricity supply is 220 Volt at 50 cycles. Only adapters with three round – pronged plugs will fit in sockets. It is essential to bring a 110V to 220V converter to charge batteries and for use with your equipment
  • Lightweight binoculars in 6x or 8x power are adequate
  • Flashlight, Sunscreen, Personal toiletries and medication


Nights and early mornings usually are very cold. Day temperature varies from 60F to 90F.

The following clothing should be adequate as all camps have a daily laundry service included in your daily fees.

  • Two sets of hunting clothes. It should be comfortable and of a fabric from which it easy to remove burrs, without being to noisy
  • Any colour in medium shades will do. Dark of olives greens are preferable. Camouflage is permissible
  • A pair of well-worn ankle boots
  • At least four pairs of socks
  • A brimmed that
  • Warm jacket, windbreaker and sweater
  • Shooting gloves


All our concessions are in very secure areas, but if you venture into a city, South Africa is not that much different from the rest of the world. It is a well–developed country with excellent infrastructure. If you follow the two universal rules, safety should not be a problem. If you feel uncomfortable in a situation, get out!


*   All rates are quoted in US dollar.
*   A deposit of 50% of the daily rate is payable to confirm a booking.
*   On package hunts, the total package price is payable to confirm a booking.
*   Only cash, traveler’s cheque or bank guaranteed cheques will be accepted as payment.
*   No refunds on cancellation if less than 6 months prior to commencement date, unless the safari can be re-booked.
*   The safari can be taken in an alternate year, subject to change in daily rates and trophy fees.
*   On cancellations accepted 20% of the package fee will be held back for costs incurred by Sandveld Safaris.

*   Trophy fees on all animals killed or wounded, as well as the balance of the daily fees are payable at the end of the contracted safari period.
*   No refund for animals not taken on package hunts. On some packages, animals can be traded ”pro rate”.
*   Day of arrival and departure are counted as one day. During the contracted hunting period, time used for travelling between concessions is charged at the normal hunting rates.
*   A person intending to, or trying to shoot an animal is a hunter and will be charged as such for the duration of the contracted period.


On booking a hunt with Sandveld Safaris, the hunter acknowledge that hunting is a dangerous sport, and that whilst all precaution are taken by Sandveld Safaris, its staff and service providers cannot accept any liability for accidents, injuries, death, loss, damage or negligence whatsoever.