* All rates are quoted in US dollar.
* A deposit of 50% of the daily rate is payable to confirm a booking.
* On package hunts, the total package price is payable to confirm a booking.
* Only cash, traveler’s cheque or bank guaranteed cheques will be accepted as payment.
* No refunds on cancellation if less than 6 months prior to commencement date, unless the safari can be re-booked.
* The safari can be taken in an alternate year, subject to change in daily rates and trophy fees.
* On cancellations accepted 20% of the package fee will be held back for costs incurred by Sandveld Safaris.

* Trophy fees on all animals killed or wounded, as well as the balance of the daily fees are payable at the end of the contracted safari period.
* No refund for animals not taken on package hunts. On some packages, animals can be traded ”pro rate”.
* Day of arrival and departure are counted as one day. During the contracted hunting period, time used for travelling between concessions is charged at the normal hunting rates.
* A person intending to, or trying to shoot an animal is a hunter and will be charged as such for the duration of the contracted period.


On booking a hunt with Sandveld Safaris, the hunter acknowledge that hunting is a dangerous sport, and that whilst all precaution are taken by Sandveld Safaris, its staff and service providers cannot accept any liability for accidents, injuries, death, loss, damage or negligence whatsoever.